To become a leading faculty in terms of dynamic and progressive education of law in order to enforce solid truth with an unwavered commitment to the develoment of national law in a responsible manner.


  1. To carry out educational activities and lectures that are well-planned, regular, and on schedule;
  2. To conduct researches in the sector of law that are contextually relevant to support the development of knowledge focused on various needs of the Government and its people;
  3. To ensure total dedication to the general public through briefings in legal matters, legal consultation, and legal assistance for public.


  1. To achieve the quality education and lectures in order to produce graduates of reliable competence and performance in any legal matters;
  2. To carry out sufficient researches both in quality and quantity to develop and implement the study of law in support of the advancement of educational process;
  3. To realize the activities of public service to implement the study of law for the purposes of inspiring public development through briefings in legal matters, legal consultation, and legal assistance;
  4. To extend mutual cooperations with various governmental and private institutions in order to support the prevailing educational process.