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The Center for Legal Training and Education (CeLTE)

The Faculty of Law of National University


As an active and supporting element of educational activities, research, and community service, especially in developing legal professionalism, the existence of Education and Training Center is simply inevitable. CeLTE-FH Unas is an institution that provides practical as well as concrete legal education and training, aiming to bridge the gap between normative legal education (Das Solen) and the need for knowledge of legal practice in real terms (Das Sain). Thus, in each curriculum, CeLTE-FH Unas offers a material mix between theory, positive law, and practice, which are intended to enable all trainees and learners to better understand any legal issue as well as finding solutions normatively and legally in the fields of business, government, civil and criminal relations, and so forth. Therefore, the law is not only understood as a rigid written norm, but also living and developing alongside the dynamics of life itself.



To make CeLTE-FH.Unas a center of education and training particularly aimed at the legal sector, striving to educate and produce human resources who are exceptional, independent, strong-willed, and highly competitive in the legal sector both nationally and internationally.


  1. To build the character of human resources synergetically between theoretical knowledge and practice in the field of law.
  2. To prepare human resources who are capable of understanding legal developments in cross-border relations between countries.
  3. To prepare well-qualified human resources skilled in the field of Law.


  1. To provide a practical understanding to the public in dealing with legal problems in a concrete manner.
  2. To provide the business community with a practical understanding in drafting and designing contract drafts in various business fields.
  3. To present theoretical and practical knowledge about efforts to solve legal problems, both litigation and non-litigation.
  4. To build cooperation with other governmental and private organizations in legal training and education.
  5. To provide education and training for advocates to gain knowledge in the legal field.
  6. To educate and introduce methods of legal advocacy to volunteers in the legal field to help them assist the community in need of fair access to justice.



In the spirit of realizing its visions, missions, and objectives, CeLTE-FH Unas provides numerous forms of legal training and education, such as:

  1. Special Education Advocate Profession (PKPA)
  2. Legal English for Lawyers
  3. Contract Drafting Courses
  4. Corporate Legal Training
  5. Training on Capital Market Law
  6. Training on Mining Law
  7. Training on Oil and Gas Law
  8. Training on Criminal and Civil Procedure
  9. Training on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Law, which includes Arbitration, Mediation, and Conciliation
  10. Legal Training on Law Enforcement Index (IPH)
  11. Training onTax Law
  12. Training on Bureaucracy and Governance
  13. Training on State Administrative Claim Procedures
  14. Education and training on Pancasila and the Constitution
  15. Training and Education on Anti-Corruption and Money Laundering
  16. Others.


CeLTE-FH Unas employs only the best lecturers who are competent in their respective fields and adept in combining theories and on-field practical experiences. The lecturers of CeLTE-FH Unas are the same professors and lecturers who regularly teach at UNAS’s Law Faculty, practitioners, police officers, prosecutors, judges, and advocates as well as experienced bureaucrats in their respective fields.



The Legal Aid Center (PBH) of the National University, providing various legal services, is located at Jalan Sawo Manila no. 61, Pejaten Barat-Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta 12520, Phone. (021) 7806700, ext. 152 Fax. 7802718-7802719, http // www.unas.ac.id, E-mail: celte_fhunas@yahoo.com


Headed by a Chairman and Vice Chairman as well as assisted by a secretary, treasurer, and staff, CeLTE-FH Unas seeks to coordinate a wide range of tacredits and responsibilities on education and training, The composition of the Board is as follows:


Person in Charge: Dean of Faculty of Law Unas

Chairman: Mustakim, SH., MH.

Secretary: Diah Ratu Sari, S.H., M.H.

Treasurer: Ummu Salamah, MA


For further information, please contact the following: Phone. (021) 7806700, Fax. 7802718-7802719, ext: 152, http//www.unas.ac.id, E-mail : cetle.fhunas@yahoo.com