Fakultas Hukum Unas

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Targets and Strategies

The specific targets to be achieved within the period of 2014-2017 consist of :

  1. Strenghtening the relevance of a competence-based curriculum towards the needs and demands of stakeholders based on the development of law and society.
  2. Producing students who are able to express their ideas both directly and in writing.
  3. Ensuring the minimum B score for every single graduate in occupational skill courses.
  4. Pushing at least 80% of graduates to reach the minimum GPA of 3,00.
  5. Pushing at least 50% of graduates to get an A for the “Skripsi” score.
  6. Shortening the waiting period following the graduation by less than 3 months.
  7. Mastering information technology.
  8. Producing 70% of graduates at the minimum with post-graduation jobs parallel with their law background.